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2020 v10-v11 Transition
2020 Private Training

2020 Design Training Classes offered by CP Technologies

CP Technologies remains committed, as we have since 1998, to providing an instructor-led classroom learning experience for 2020 Design software users.

Training experts agree that learning by doing is the fastest, most cost-effective way to acquire new skills. CP Technologies Hands-On 2020 Design Training combines the benefits of small class size (maximum of 8 attendees) with instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on reinforcement.

CP Technologies Hands-On 2020 Design Training teaches you to use your design software to design faster and close more sales with professional presentations and effective, photo-realistic renderings and 360 Panoramic Views. It also teaches how to increase customer satisfaction and profit margins with accurate project documentation. 

Our lesson plans are reviewed with each new release of 2020 Design and our computers are updated as needed to take advantage of new features in the software and provide a quality training experience. W
e recently upgraded to all new Dell XPS 8700 Performance PCs with 24" monitors for 2020 Design v10-v11 training.

Although the majority of class attendees come from the Northeast, we frequently have people fly in from other parts of the United States and Caribbean for 2020 Design training.












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