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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

All warranties are given by the software developer, 2020. CP Technologies does not warrant the software or the installation.  CP Technologies is merely an Authorized Industry Consultant of 2020.  CP Technologies is not responsible for special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the software sold to the purchaser, breach of any warranty or under any other legal theory.

Other things to consider...

At CP Technologies we take great pride in the fact that we have built our client base to well over a thousand companies and individuals by providing design and estimating software solutions to residential design and construction professionals from world class software developers. Most are repeat customers that continue to come back to us for upgrades, additional products and training. Obviously, the overwhelming majority of our customers are satisfied. Part of the reason for that is our commitment to be forthright and candid with our customers. In that spirit here are some things we want you to know before purchasing from us.

The vast majority of new software installations go smoothly and exactly as expected but that isn’t always the case. Many things can have an effect on whether a  particular software installation goes smoothly or not. Things such as but not limited to the age and hardware specification of computers, network configurations, other installed software or hardware drivers that conflict with the new software could prevent the new software from installing and working properly. In most but not all cases these issues can be resolved with the assistance of the developer's technical support staff.

Once installed, the software should work as the software developer advertised. Sometimes, the purchaser thinks the software performs functions that the software was never meant to do. Whatever the industry, the user’s level of industry experience, their aptitude, computer skills and even their attitude toward adopting the new software and a different way of doing things can have an adverse impact on how or even whether the new software works for a company.

Here are some suggestions to maximize your chances of a successful installation and implementation of your new software:

Make sure you hardware meets the developer's recommendations for the software
Have reasonable expectations for what your software will accomplish for you
Allow a reasonable amount of time for the installation and implementation
Make sure your staff is "onboard" so they won't resist the change
Consider training on the software for you and/or your staff














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